2018 Autumn Winter Trends

As the summer slowly ended, the winter trends of autumn were already determined. This season we’ll see neons, plenty of sparkles, metallic details in showcases. We don’t know if the 80’s has returned, but the breezes are sure. Exaggerated adaptations of the floor coat, the famous brands of fashion shows we see in the details. We have compiled the 2018 autumn winter trends for you.

Neon Details

One of the details we will see most in 2018 Autumn Winter season is the neons. Especially, we started to see the neon pieces, which are predominantly green and pink, on the famous names. Not only clothes, accessories, hair and make-up will see the neon.

Futuristic Details

Another detail we will see this season is the metallic parts. Metallic parts, clothes, jackets and bags in the foreground in many details. We will see how the fashion shows, where futuristic details are at the forefront, are reflected in daily life. Colors of science fiction films, such as the colors, met with metal.

Shuffle Floor

Another detail we saw in the 2018 season shows is that we can freely use oversize parts, fold-in combinations, patterns and fabrics freely. We know that Coco Chanel, the source of fashion, frees the patterns. Different fabrics and patterns combine in the foreground among the 2018 autumn winter trends. Overcoats worn on jackets are at the forefront of the maxime pieces away from minimality.

Wild Animal Patterns

One of the details that we will see most during the autumn winter season is the wild patterns. Leopard, snakes, zebra and tiger patterns, so many details will be seen with color options. These patterns, which are difficult to adapt, are quite a trend. Versace, Balenciaga, Tom Ford, such as the fashion-leading brands in the collections of wild patterns we see the most striking.

Chanel Classic Tweed

There is no doubt that the tweed fabric is a Chanel classic. This season the tweed fabric entered our lives again. We also see the tweed fabric in famous brands such as Prada. Whether you want to combine minimally in the most classic form, the choice of exaggeration is yours.


Glitters & Leather

In the 2018 autumn winter season we are almost glowing. Stones, sparkles in the foreground. This season is an opportunity for those who love exaggeration. The skins are among the favorites this season as well as every season. Trim off details and wear leather from the bottom up.

Earth Tones

Autumn tones coming to our minds in the fall of 2018 are still among the trends in the classic winter season. We will also see the earth tones of neons, in addition to sparkles. Among the earth tones, our favorite is camel hair color.

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