Hijab is not just an act of covering up the head but a way of life that directs those who adhere to Islamic faith to adopt modesty in their dressing as well. However, some often confuse the terms hijab and modesty to a dressing a sense which is boring and dull. This, however, is a misconception. People who wear hijab can sport the trendiest of looks and have been doing so for a while now. It is all about embracing what you believe in and then playing along with it.

To help you out, we have come up with some latest hijab trend ideas with outfit suggestions for the occasions that you choose to be a part of.

Layer it up

To give your dress a more personalized look that would help you stand out in the crowd, use layering. It not only brings modesty to the look but also gives you an opportunity to mix and match different color combinations and use contrasts to draw attention to the dress you are wearing. It works with all sorts of eastern as well as western clothes.

Image Source: Style influencer Sohamt

Go for patterns

This year we can’t seem to get enough of the bold patterns and designs that have a character of their own. They look equally good in a jumpsuit, a long flowy maxi and even with layers too. This is equally good for a day function and can even work well if you have an ‘Eid dinner to attend to. For a more enhanced look, you can accessorize the look with a nice pair of heels, a trendy clutch and an elegant belt at the waist.

Image Source: Style influencer By.kha

In fact, monochrome styles that feature stripes work to give you an elegantly chic look which is hard to beat. Check out this tailored suit in a striped pattern to get an idea about the look such a style would create.

Image Source: Style influencer Khaoulathings

Skirts are always a hit

The best thing about long skirts is that while being extremely modest, they give your whole appearance a youthful touch. Wear it with a sweater and it shall work in the winters and when worm with a loose fitted top, the same skirts seem to blend in with the summer season. A jacket on top and some modern jewelry to go along, skirts are always perfect for all sorts of party occasions.

Image Source: Style influencer Saara Zai

Jeans and a top

Well, who can beat this all-time hit combination? It’s comfortable, modest and equally trendy at the same time. Go for a ruffled top and slim fit jean for a breezy look. You can even wear the tops in trendy cuts to add your personal touch to the look.

For occasions, it is not about going out of the way to look on your best. If you can carry what you are wearing confidently, you will look good in whatever you wear. Even if you choose to wear the hijab in a different style, the whole persona would change drastically.

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