It is no longer a new trend that straw bags are actually ruling the fashion world during summer. These straw bags have gone beyond the shores of beaches. You can easily come across them in the hands of ladies on the street, styled with different types of dresses. These straw bags has a timeless history but it is now a new trend in fashion and a must have accessory in your wardrobe. This is mainly because artisans are crafting them in beautiful patterns and different attractive shapes. This makes designers see it as a source of inspiration to style it some outfits that produce a stunning look.

As a hijabi, I see no reason why you shouldn’t look stunning with a straw bag too. Today, I will be sharing the perfect straw bags and the best way to wear them with your hijab.

Pair with a palazzo pant or a button-down shirt

This pairing looks absolutely stunning, palazzo pants look so good when paired with straw bags or a button down shirt. The pictures below should give you a picture of what am talking about. Another thing about this outfit is that your size does not matter. It fits perfectly well even you are super slim or the other way around.

Image Source: Style influencer Maria Ali

Image Source: Style influencer Summer Albarcha

Dress down with a long gown and other daytime accessories 

There are so many types of straw bags but that particular straw bag in the picture below is the perfect choice if you are thinking of how to style a long gown with a straw bag. The outfits below looks absolutely stunning. The straw bag is fabricated in the shape of a mini shopping bag, therefore the bag complements the outfit and gives it a “am going on a shopping kind of look.” You might want to try this outfit if are planning to look stunning when going to get something from a store.

Image Source: Style influencer Izreen Syafika

Image Source: Style influencer Imane Asry

Style blue jeans with straw bag and sneakers

When your outfit has to do with jean trousers, the shape of your straw bag does not really matter. It could take the form or shape of a circle as the one on my right-hand picture or a cubic shape which is similar to the picture on the left-hand side. All you need to consider is how to style the jean with other fashion accessories that will make you look elegant. Straw bags can be rocked on either a tight or free jeans with sneakers. The pictures below should show you how stunning this outfit is if you want to try it out.

Image Source: Style influencer Imane Asry

Image Source: Style influencer Sauf.etc

Wear a cropped jean with sneakers or a plain top with a long skirt 

Here is another outfit that you rock with a straw bag. Cropped jeans with sneakers is a good way to look beautiful when going on a walk with friends or a partner. The outfit is simple and not too bogus. Want to look stunning rocking your straw bag? You can try out one of the outfits below.

Image Source: Style influencer Sauf.etc

For inspiration we have used the following images of;
Imane Asry
Izreen Syafika
Maria Ali
Summer Albarcha

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