I understand that feeling when you find it very difficult and frustrating to balance your hijab with a clothing style that can be worn out on a normal day on the streets. You want to look stunning, young and attractive but still, you cannot afford to neglect that modest look that hijabs give when you have them on. This can be more difficult if you don’t know how to select or you don’t have the slightest idea on how to balance colors, choose the appropriate dress that suits your shoes and other fashion accessories. However this problem is not peculiar to you alone, so many ladies fight this out in their rooms before setting out to walk on the streets on a daily basis.

Right here,  I will be showing you the best hijab street styles that you can rock and still enjoy that modest appearance that hijabs portray. These styles are trending and are from the most popular Hijabi rockers on Instagram with lots of followers.

Try out long cardigans on any outfit and see how magical you will look 

This will actually look so great on you if you want to walk on the streets on a cold day because it actually replaces big coats. Long cardigans look stunning whether you are rocking a tight or free jean. This unique choice of the outfit also leaves you with the options of either tucking your shirt in or leaving the edges to fly like a bird in the air while walking. When hijab is styled with a Cardigan, it does not only covers all your body leaving no part exposed but also give you this slim figure that you really want and a modest look. You might want to take a look at the pictures below, they are absolutely stunning.

Image Source: Style influencer khaoulathings

The unique styles of matching extra-large tops with cropped pants 

This unique outfit is actually stunning and gives you the freedom to stretch your hands in the air as much as you want. Over-sized tops look better and stunning when matched with a tighter outfit such as crop pants or jean. You can also try out your boyfriends’ jeans and check out how good they both look on you. Hijabs look so good on this outfit, all that you need check is color and if it suits your kind of style.

Image Source: Style influencer Sauf.etc

The stunning look of long vests when styled with hijab 

This clothing style is classy, unique and catchy. Its simplicity makes it a good choice for Muslim ladies that want to go out on either a date or have a walk at night and still keep that modest look. Long vests can take the form of coats, this makes them good for cold weather. Notwithstanding their big sizes, they are adorable and beautiful. These vests come in several colors therefore when styled with hijabs looks good.

Image Source: Style influencer khaoulathings

Additional tips that will help match your clothes and hijab 

The hidden secrets behind the flawless beauty that hijab brings out in a woman are very simple but you must put some 1 factor into consideration. First and which is the most important of all is the shape of your body. This factor helps you to determine the type of outfit that will look so good on you.


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