Hijab work outfits make you look stunning and still help you keep that modest look when going to your office. However, this unique style of dressing requires some technical know-how to balance it up. You have to look smart but not too flashy and outlandish. Today, I will be sharing top ten hijab work outfits that you can try out that were inspired by Instagram celebs.

Medium size cardigans on a plane pant style

This outfit is absolutely stunning especially if you want to keep yourself warm all through the day at your workplace and also look chic at the same time. This outfit is simple and it also makes you look smart. Pants actually come in several colors, so you are opportuned to choose and match any color. 

Image Source: Style influencer Summeralbarcha

Butterfly top on plane pants style

I did nickname this top Butterfly-top because of its look when I first saw it on the celeb that rocked with a plain pant. This outfit is simple but stunning. It gives you the freedom all other clothes does not give. You can actually rock this outfit on a low Hill scandal if you want to. You might want to rock this outfit to your workplace and get amazing comments all through that day.

Image Source: Style influencer Summeralbarcha

The mafia lady style

This outfit is mind-blowing, Imane Asry actually killed this outfit. Am sure she must have took her time to plan the outfit before jumping to wear it out. This outfit is a good one to wear to your workplace on a cold day. This style gives you that strong woman look but your hijab is there to complement it and makes you look modest.

Image Source: Style influencer Fashionwithfaith

Long jacket on a cropped jean style

I am sure that Khaoula wore this outfit in the picture below was on her way to her workplace. She absolutely looks stunning and good in it. Check out the picture below and see how good long jacket looks on cropped jeans.

Image Source: Style influencer Khaoulathings

The pinky lady

Want to look colorful to work on a particular day? You can try this outfit out. Summer Albarcha matched a pink Cardigan with a light pink free skirt and looked colorful. You can also copy something like this or similar to this and wow your co-workers.

Image Source: Style influencer Summer Albarcha

The extra big palazzo pants

Palazzo pants always look good when styled with the right top. Avsva_ did justice to the outfit, she left no area untouched. From the color of her hijab to her top and palazzo pants, she looks stunning. You can copy this outfit as well when going to your place of work.

Image Source: Style influencer Avsva_

Jacket on sneakers

Are you planning to rock sneakers to your office and you have no idea on how to match the sneakers on clothes to make the outfit perfect? You can try this outfit out. This was rocked by Imane Asry and she looks very cool in it.

Image Source: Style influencer Fashionwithfaith

The smart short jacket style

There are days you want to look super young and free. This can be achieved if you decide to copy what Khaoula wore. Blue jeans  a brown jacket matched with a black hijab.

Image Source: Style influencer Khaoulathings

The coat and gown style

This style is beautiful, look at the way she carries herself. You might want to try this outfit as well.

Image Source: Style influencer Avsva_

The coat and jean style

The way Avsva_ rocked this coat and jean should inspire you to try this outfit out.

Image Source: Style influencer Avsva_

Super simple but absolutely stunning style

Want to step into your office looking as simple as possible, then you should check this outfit out. A palazzo plane pant, a white top, and a flat shoe. This outfit is so cool and nice.

Image Source: Style influencer Saara Zai

For inspiration we have used the following images of;
Saara Zai
Summer Albarcha


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