We all know that hijabs are compulsory for all Muslim ladies but gone are those days when hijabs were worn just to cover ladies hair and other parts of the body not minding if it fits or not or when hijabs are seen as a heavy load that you must carry as a lady. Do you know wearing hijabs can be so much fun and also make you look absolutely stunning? There are ladies that have successfully blend hijabs into their fashion world and are doing this in unique styles. I’ll be sharing top three fashion divas that are making waves on their Instagram pages all because of the unique ways they style their hijabs. This has earned them massive numbers of followers that are learning from the way they style their hijabs.

This lady is actually the first on my list, When I went through her gallery on her Instagram page, I could not but just keep glaring The way she styles her hijab with other latest wears is super. The color balance is perfect, cool and beautiful, neither did she commit any fashion blunder. Below her some pictures that prove it all that she is classy and deserves a thumb up.

In the first picture, what she has on is a Zara top, a yellow vintage skirt to brighten up her look and complement the cool color of the top and a simple but nice posse. Finally, she blessed the outfit with a culture hijabi. So simple but beautiful!

Image Source: Style influencer Sauf

On the second hand, the outfit is just that perfect options just in case you want to look stunning on a cold evening. What sauf had on was simple but beautiful. The milk storets is durable enough to keep you warm and at the same time keeps you stylish. Balancing the outfit with that adidas canvas is a plus and finally, her voilechic hijab made her more catchy.


by.kha That’s her username on Instagram, the way she styles her hijab to showcase the beauty of hijabs in fashion is outstanding.
Take a look at the pictures they are colorful and beautiful, the color of the hijabs looks good on the dresses, she is really chic. These outfits are also trendy and nothing seems to be left out. The black hijabs on both pictures complement the outfit better with the white sneakers to cool it off.  She totally rocks these outfits in a simple and classy manner.

Image Source: Style influencer by.kha


She is actually a fashion diva that you will definitely look at for a long period of time if she passes you by on the street on a fateful day. A Muslim woman with lots of swags and style.
I’m just stuck on Saara Zai looks on her Instagram page, she is indeed a fashion queen. She never goes wrong in her blue jean trousers, simple black flat shoes, a bag that gives the outfit a touch of red and finally a black hijab rolled on her hair that complements the outfit.

Image Source: Style influencer Perksofbeingsaara


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